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Kids Healthy Foods LLC invites you to check out our new children's beverages and learn how we can provide a unique product mix of 100% organic juices and vitamin-enriched water with no added sugars for your most discerning parents who look for quality products for their children.

We offer a unique triangle recyclable shaped package which is 1 year shelf stable and sold in 10 packs or individual units. Through taste tests and our own primary research, we can assure you a quality product with natural ingredients that will fly off the shelves for flavor and its eye-popping design geared for kids and parents.

Recently, our company was featured as a cover story in Packaging Digest Magazine and was recognized with a Silver Award for the Global Packaging Design for 2012 by the Beverage World Magazine. Check out our News Section for more details.

With over 60 years combined business experience, we are here to offer you the solutions you seek for innovation and quality beverage products.

—The Kids Healthy Foods LLC Team