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Mickie the juggling bear

Kids Healthy Foods LLC is a privately held company owned and operated by two brothers and their mother who together represent a combined business experience of over 60 years including 40 years in the beverage industry.

Jeff and Lance McClelland began their careers as distributors of private label bottle water for some of the major retail brands such as Kroger, Save-A-Lot, Rite Aid, Subway, and Fred Meyer(Kroger). Over the last 7 years, they have owned and operated both can and aseptic packaging plants co-packing for major brands like Monster, Rockstar, Arizona Teas, Apple & Eve, Pepsi, and Costco.

Diane McClelland owns several businesses and has served on national and regional boards in support of small businesses. She has co-founded two non-profits who support the growth of women and minority businesses and is an owner of Kids Healthy Foods LLC.

The McClelland family is active and loves participating in sports. Collectively, the owners are involved in tennis, golf and coaching soccer. We have become more concerned about the childhood obesity crisis and have chosen to develop healthy beverage choices for children to help mitigate the high caloric sodas often offered to children.

We are committed to researching more healthy choices for retailers to offer to concerned parents.