Kids Healthy Foods LLC uses the technology and experience of California Aseptic Packaging, LLC to manage the co-packing of Mickies Slices™. The plant is located in Fontana, California and will use the Tetra Pak Classic equipment for the manufacture of our 10 packs. Individual units can be sold in bulk for those companies who do not require decorative packaging ready for retail display.

We are also developing other new products for companies to use as their private label which include a 100% vegetable juice.

We will work with you to develop your own recipe of natural ingredients and custom design packaging to meet your needs for a unique product for the children's beverage market.

Our company focuses on new and innovative approaches to the children's beverage market. Please contact Lance at 661-378-5205 to explore how we can offer new depth for your brand strategies which will increase repeat sales in the children's beverage category.