Kids Healthy Foods

From Our Family to Yours

Two brothers, who have shared over 40 years combined experience together in the beverage business, became impassioned to make a difference in the world by providing healthy food and beverage options for children and their families.

Being fathers of 6 children, they were concerned about the lack of healthy children’s beverage options in the marketplace. The goal of our company is to provide healthy products made of the best ingredients available,while maintaining pricing affordable for budget-minded families.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healthy and tasty foods and beverages to families who care about consistent quality at competitive prices.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the company retailers and consumers look to for innovative healthy products that taste good.

That includes resellers who seek private-labeled healthy, quality products at competitive prices, and consumers who want healthy, organic, great tasting alternatives to high-sugar beverages and snacks at competitive prices.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to continually innovating to deliver high-quality, healthy, organic and kosher products that taste great and are available at competitive prices.

Our Values

Simultaneously, we’re committed to using environmentally conscious production and packaging that minimize our impact on the planet.

We want every family to have access to healthy, high quality, tasty alternatives to high-sugar beverages and snacks at competitive prices.

Our History

Twenty Years of Innovation

When Kroger was looking for a new commodity line of flavored water, Jeff & Lance McClelland delivered. Their award-winning product line remained part of Kroger’s supply chain for many years.

Tetra Pak, a Swedish manufacturer of unique bottling equipment, came to Jeff & Lance’s California based facilities and offered to place their equipment in their plant as the only US company to have this opportunity.

The results? Their triangle juice box won several awards and was sold to a major club store as well as Los Angles schools.

In 2011, Kids Healthy Foods introduced Mickie, the lovable Polar Bear who loves fruits and vegetables and was featured on the Mickies Slices™ juice boxes sold in schools across the country.

In 2018, Kids Healthy Foods will relaunch the Mickies brand with the introduction of a Fruit & Vegetable Juice box with either ½ or a full cup (depending on size) of vegetables in each juice box. Mickies Fruit and Veggies Juice will be available in schools and through major retailers.

Mickie will be taking the digital stage, educating both children and adults about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet.